Choosing Music For Your Wedding

Introducing your musical muses

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Music plays such an important part in your day. It can calm the nerves, build the excitement, lighten the mood and touch every emotion. Yet, it can often be over looked or left to the last minute – an unfortunte recipe for panic or strife. That”s the last thing we ever want to see here so we”re launching a series of blogs to help you plan and enjoy the soundtrack to your wedding day.

Join your musical muses that have seen it all: Wedding Planner Marina Lois and Wedding Musician Shelley Fairplay. They”ll guide you through something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!, whilst showing you how to avoid common pitfalls, letting you create the perfect atmosphere throughout your celebrations.

Wedding Planner - Marina

Marina has planned and executed dozens of weddings, combating the notion that wedding planners are the domain of the rich and famous, ensuring that you thoroughly enjoy the build up to your day. Contact her at

Harpist - Shelley Fairplay

Shelley is an experienced and accomplished professional harpist with over 14 years performing at weddings and events. She is also an enthusiastic harp tutor, founder and organiser of the Summer Harp Festival – an event that brought together internally renowned harpists & students for concerts and workshops, bringing the national instrument of Wales to a wider audience.

Follow them at @harpwales and @marinaloisevnts