On the 6th of December 2014 the Over 30 musicians gathered together in Radyr to celebrate “A HARPy Christmas Concert”.  Under the direction of Harpist Shelley Fairplay the concert included performances by the two Radyr based harp groups ‘Dynamic Harps’, harp solos from primary and secondary school children from South Wales and songs from the Canu O’r Galon quartet with vocalist Deborah Morgan Lewis. The event was in aid of Cardiff Foodbank and the students raised over £200 for the charity and a substantial food collection was taken to the Foodbank following the event.

In September 2014 Radyr resident Shelley launched two new harp ensembles Dynamic Harps who meet weekly to rehearse at the Radyr Methodist Church. They have now enjoyed 4 wonderful terms together playing music from a vast array of genres, rehearsing and working together on ensemble and general harp playing skills. Many of the songs the ensembles learn come directly as requests from group members and are then arranged specially for the group.

The next performances for Dynamic Harps take place on the 25th of January at the Swansea National Waterfront museum and then on the 7th of February at Cardiff Metropolitan University as part of the Camac Harp Weekend”s Saturday night harp concert: The Three Strands; Passion, Sorrow and Joy. On the 13th/14th of June they are very excited to be returning to perform at the National Botanic Garden of Wales “Hand-on-harps” weekend!

Dynamic Harps meet on Monday”s and Tuesday”s during term time. For further details on the harp ensembles next performances please visit www.dynamicharps.co.uk. For those who have never played the harp before various hands-on-harps events take place regularly, including Shelley”s www.harpistforaday.co.uk. With events such as this everyone can have their chance to try the truly incredible National Instrument of Wales!

The musicians involved in the December performance would like to thank the audience members for their attendance and support, with special recognition to Huw James for arranging the Methodist Church Hall Hire, Helen Nolan from Cardiff Foobank for coming and addressing the performers on the night and finally to Bob Pearce from Radyr Chain for supporting the group and this article!