It is always a delight to provide harp workshops for one off events or for harp festivals. Meeting students of all ages and abilities and working on learning, playing and performing together is always an exciting time! Below are some examples of workshops I have taught at various events including for the Clarsach Society, Cardiff Camac Harp Weekend and for the Trinity Harp Festival.

Harp Workshop Students – Camac Harp Weekend 2015

So you”ve learnt a good tune? Make it a party piece! 

Using simple tunes and phrases we will explore ways of using rhythm, ostinato patterns, various harp techniques and plain old cheating to find out how best to make a tune “your own” in an individual, delightful and vibrant way! This workshop is suitable for all levels, music will be provided but notation reading not necessary. We will work as an ensemble, no pressure to play on your own unless of course you would like to! Come along, try out ideas and create beautiful music!

Sight-Reading for the Terrified! (Know your shapes for sight reading)

I would like to share with you a foundation skill that if you practice you will be able to use at any level to help you sight read well on your harp. It is thisKnow your shapesBy this I am referring to building up your pattern recognition of the shapes that notes create on the musical staveand learning the feel of shape that your hand makes as you play them.

Just Loopy!

Adult Ensemble ‘Dynamic Harps’ Perform at Cardiff Bay 2014

A looper pedal enables performers to record their playing live on stage and then perform over their recorded ostinato tracks. Learn the joys of using ostinato patterns in your own playing and discover some basics on how looper pedal can be used with harp in performance.

Baroque Flamenco by Deborah Henson-Connat:

This fiery, intriguing and passionate piece of music is an incredible addition to any harpists repertoire, whatever your level! Come along to this workshop to learn the structure, mood and style of the music and perf orm the piece within an ensemble setting. To join this workshop you will need your own copy of “Baroque Flamenco”.

Effective Effects Workshop! 

Camac Electro Harp and Loop Pedal in action!

Harmonics, EtouffÃe PDLT, Xylo? The list for harp is endless.

Through tunes medieval to modern we will explore useful techniques to enhance beautiful and varied sounds that you and your harp can create!

Write your own Blues!

Learn the basics of 12 bar blues and begin to improvise and write your own!