The Three Strands; Passion, Sorrow and Joy

6pm – Sunday 2nd August 2015


Tickets available here: The Three Strands; Passion, Sorrow and Joy 
Throughout generations tales have been told of three musical strands. The details differ in each story, but they”re always played by a harpist, and they always encompass the human experience. This is a tradition that”s not about “traditional music”, but a tradition of expression. Exploring this through the harp, every musician can create a completely unique style.

Come and hear Shelley entwine The Three Strands. You can expect a wide diversity of guests at this musical gathering; we meet with our Celtic forefathers, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Flamenco Dancers and even Axl Rose, Darth Vader and Dr Who will make an appearance!

The concert program includes a 47 string pedal harp being played traditionally and also uses amplification, looper pedal, effect pedals and golden electric harp that Shelley wears to play.