Month: May 2016

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Lap harps – Treasure or Trash?

Lap Harps – Treasure or Trash? One man”s trash is another mans treasure. All harps welcome! I have long felt that the lap (or knee) harp has been viewed in this light. To some it is the harp for beginners looking for an inexpensive starting point, it is the therapy…

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Why I made beginner harp classes “START HARP” digital

Why I decided to make beginner classes ‘START HARP’ digital. Three years ago I finished writing my beginner harp tutor book, START HARP, I was so delighted to have finished this project that was so long in the making! I had wonderful graphic designers work on pictures to go in…

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Challenges I faced creating START HARP!

What were the challenges involved in creating my brand new START HARP online course?  Now that the first START HARP LEVEL 1 class has been completed and BETA run with a wonderful group of budding harpists I believe I have a somewhat rose tinted view of what creating an online class…

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