Month: September 2016

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Keeping Harp Students Engaged and Progressing Online

I created the online START HARP course to give more people the opportunity to learn to play the harp in an affordable and flexible way, no matter where they live. (Find out more about Start Harp.) But there is a potential for students to feel disengaged and for their progression…

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Is the Harp an Elitist Instrument?

People perceive the harp as only accessible to a privileged few, but is this true, and more importantly, does it need to be true? This is a question that”s troubled me for a while and driven the development of my online START HARP course. Yes, absolutely, an instrument costing £1000…

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Three Reasons I Love Teaching the Harp Online

Creating START HARP as an online course has opened up a whole new world to me! I”ve always enjoyed teaching but never thought I would enjoy running an online course so much. (Find out more about STARTHARP.) Why do I enjoy it? Here are my top three reasons! 1. Bringing…

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From Blue Peter to an Online Harp Course!

Since January 2016, I”ve been testing my new online course – START HARP. I”m excited to be running a course which is flexible, affordable and accessible to everyone, no matter where they live. (Find out more about START HARP.) Working hard to encourage people of all ages and musical abilities…

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