The launch of Shelley Fairplay’s brand new concert HarpOsphere took place on the 2nd& 3rd July 2016 at the Fifth Family Harp Weekend at National Botanic Garden of Wales

Following her 2015/16 concert series The Three Strands; Passion, Sorrow and Joy Shelley Fairplay is back with her brand new concert HarpOsphere.

What is the HarpOsphere?

Pythagoras proposed the intriguing idea that the Stars, Moon and Planets emit their own unique musical tones, he called it the Music of the Spheres. What if you could hear that? What if you could hear the shape of a sphere, the sound of our planets, the number Pi of as a melody, the circle of life in music? Shelley explores these fascinating notions in her performance on the Concert Pedal Harp and Electric Lever Harp.

Come and join Shelley in the HarpOsphere where you will hear music ranging from our Celtic roots right through to music from the 21st Century. The cycle of the seasons are celebrated withVivaldi, the musical loop is honored in Ravel’s Bolero, the Planets become audible with Holst, and we pay homage to our Moon with Fly me to the MoonMoon River and Moon dance.

Shelley’s concert, just ELECTRIC!” Ani

Audience spellbound from start to finish. Helen