Flute and Harp recitals

Are you running a concert series or music festival? We would be delighted to bring our varied and captivating music to you.
Emily and I formed a flute and harp due back in 2002 and haven’t looked back since!
Over the years we have explored varied music from all around the globe and enjoyed (nearly!) all of  it. Our professional engagements we enjoy the most are recitals.
We are currently promoting and performing a program which takes our audiences on colourful a journey through our favoured repertoire from Europe. Highlights include works from Bach, Debussy, Ibert and Bizet.
Fees for our recital start from £275. Please do not heistate to contact us via info@harpwales.com to check our availablity.
For our individual biographies please visit Emily’s by clicking here and mine by clicking here.